Located in Dieppe, New Brunswick, D.A.S. transforms simple, locally sourced materials into beautiful and durable surfaces.  Made to last, with our impact on the environment top of mind from start to finish, our polished concrete surfaces offer a unique alternative for those who want to stand out from the crowd or who value local and sustainable products.  

We offer full custom fabrication and installation services throughout the Maritimes, as well as a growing line of pre-fabricated outdoor concrete furnishings and other products for both residential and commercial applications.  Unsure if we can do something?  It never hurts to ask!  

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Contact us via our website or email us directly to request a quote sheet, which will help you gather all the information we need to provide an accurate quote via email. If you haven’t finalized the details of your project yet, but just want to know more about concrete surfaces, we can help with that too. We look forward to hearing from you!
DECISION TIME (Confirm the details)
You’ve reviewed the quote and you’re ready to take the leap! Now’s the time to finalize design details (dimensions, colour, sealer etc.) and talk about timelines. If you haven’t seen colour samples yet, we encourage you to schedule a visit to our showroom or, if you live out of town, we’d be happy to ship you a sample box.
TEMPLATING: Let the project begin!
We’ll schedule a time that is convenient for you to come and build a template (essentially a stencil) of your surface. We’ll capture exact measurements, seam and cut-out placement, and the (inevitably crooked) line of your walls to ensure a snug fit. If you’ve got questions while we’re there, or are second guessing your colour choice, don’t be shy. We’re always happy to chat
For most custom projects, you can expect to wait about four weeks from templating to installation. During this time, we’ll be busy building the moulds, pouring and polishing your slabs, and ensuring that they have cured enough so that we can safely transport them. If you’re interested, we’d be happy to send you a few photos of our progress along the way!
CUSTOMER SUPPORT. You’re not done with us yet!
Looks are important when we choose our surfaces, but once installed, they become the backdrop to our lives. Something’s going to happen to your concrete, and when it does, we’ll be there to help. Whether it’s a phone call, a how-to video, a product recommendation or a visit to your home, we’ll support you. Our goal is to ensure that you love your concrete for as long as it lasts!